1) On one of the bikes, I found the motor plugs were not pushed all the way together, and they were a little tight for wire slack. You can pull additional wire down out of the frame to provide a little extra slack to ensure this plug is fully engaged. There are two white arrows that need to be aligned to push them together firmly.

2) On one of the bikes, the brake sensor on the left hand brake was disconnected inside the braided wire loom at the handlebars. If you can see the red of the plug through the braided loom, it needs to be pulled back and the plug pushed together. Re-tape the loom and re-tie wrap the tape.

3) It has been reported that the allen bolts holding the pedal cranks on the crankshaft can use a little extra twist, torque them to 15-18 ft pounds during assembly, DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. They are bottoming bolts and can be twist­ed off. They do not need to be super tight as the crank arms are a press fit on the crankshaft. The bolts pull them on to the shaft, but it is the taper that actually secures them.

4) Our new headlight on the handlebar was a little confus­ing to aim. But pretty simple using this technique. Loosen the 4 pinch bolts on the clamp, then push the bracket over to the handlebar mount. The bar is straight at this point. You can securely tighten the inner bracket here. Leave the outer bracket loose enough to pivot and you can now use it to focus the light straight ahead, and tighten it in the posi­tion you are satisfied with.