Brake pads- I am on my 3rd set, riding hard they last about 1200km, my wife just used her first set at 1500km. Tires- Rear tires last about 3000.00 km, fronts look good to go to 6000km.

That is all the parts I have managed to wear out so far. I would advise anyone riding a lot in winter to dismantle

and grease the forks yearly. Mine were pretty dirty when I pulled them apart last Spring. Remove 2 nuts at the bottom of the legs, and they pull apart easily for service.

If you have an intermittent code 01 (or other), that comes and goes, here is what I found on one of our bikes. Loose pins on any of the controller connectors can cause other fault codes as well, depending on the function of the colored wire it is on. You can access the controller from the top battery mount, there are 3 screws securing the mount, 1 upward facing screw to remove the “Rention” cover, another upward facing screw in the front of the mount, and a downward facing screw in the mount.

Remove these 2 mount screws, and the mount can be pulled back, pull on the wires to extract the controller. Examine each pin on the connectors carefully, make sure they are all secure and the connectors press together and lock without pushing the pins back and out.

It is a good idea to go over the bikes periodically to check for tightness on nuts and bolts. Remember, these e-bikes weigh about 70 pounds, and they regularly go 32kph.  But they still use standard bicycle components. Some things that I regularly check on my own bike are listed below. I highly recommend removing these bolts and applying blue Loctite for security. 


  • Pedal arm securing bolts/allen bolt 20-25ft pounds
  • Seat front-rear adjusting bolt
  • Fender gnarled nuts
  • Steering stem angle adjusting allen bolt
  • Sidestand securing allen bolts
  • Check your spokes for tightness at about 3000km