Our rack for the AMPRUP2.0 fits fine, and there is a small package of 5 screws and washers that comes with the rack. There is some confusion with the mounting, so here are the instructions to facilitate this.

1) Locate your package of screws and washers in the rack packing

2) Use the rounded cap head screw to replace the upper rear caliper mounting allen bolt.

3) Use 2 of the 4mm allen bolts/lock washers to attach the upper rack stays to the welded mounting points just behind the seat tube.

4) Use the remaining 2 4mm allen bolts/lock washers to attach the rear stays to the threaded mounting points on the rear wheel dropouts. I advise you manually thread the screws in place carefullynfirst, to clear any paint that may be on the threads. NOTE, the left caliper side screw does not need to be tightened in all the way, just snug it up so the stay is firmly in place. You can use some 4mm washers as spacers if you want, but they are not necessary.