Step 1.
Remove the battery

Step 2.
Remove the “Retention” cover, on Phillips screw facing up towards the steering neck

Step 3.
Remove the Phillips screw pointing up to steering neck under the Retention cover

Step 4.
Remove the Phillips screw in bottom of the battery holder, that screws into lower frame

Step 5.
Cover will now pull away from the frame and you will see the controller

Step 6.
Pull the cover away from the frame to give you room to remove the controller

Step 7.
Pull on the large wires, while helping the harness from the front, this can be a little tight, the wires are jammed in, but some jiggling and help it will slide down out of the frame.

Step 8.
Now you have the controller free, and can see all the wires and the couplers.

Step 9.
There will be a fat harness, and a thin harness coming from the pedal area, fish out the thin harness, that one is the pedal assist sensor harness.

Step 10.
You will see the wires at the end of this harness are blue/red/black, inspect these to make sure they are all pinned and making good connection, and one has not pushed back out of the coupler. Call me if it has pushed out and let me know please. If one of the pins has pushed out, there is a little tang on the pin that you bend outwards, do this. Once the tang is bent out, push it back into the connector and you will feel it click into place. Re-connect the connector ensuring the pin does not push out, and you should be good to go.

Step 11.
Reverse the procedure to re-assemble.